The Pineapple Wino

drink recipe

There are three things on Earth that I absolutely love. The first…Chick-Fil-A Chocolate chips cookies, yum! Second… the book/movie Harry Potter & Prisoner of Azkaban. I find description of Sirius Black to be so sexy.  I love me a rebellious man. And third, I love cocktails. That probably makes me sound like a drunk but oh well. Anywho, a while ago, I had the opportunity to try the original Spodee wine. So I was happy when asked to try the Spodee White Wine. Like the original Spodee, it too is a wine made for mixing in cocktails. So naturally, I’ve been mixing it up over here and in the process I created this yummy little drink. I call it “The Pineapple Wino”



2 parts Spodee White Wine

3 parts Pineapple Juice

1 part Hiram Walker Crème de Banana


It is quite simple to make. Just add your Spodee Wine and pineapple juice over ice. Then add the Crème de Banana and give it a stir. This drink is prefect if you like sweet cocktails. The pineapple juice and Hiram Walker goes well with the Spodee Wine, as it contains flavors of coconut, country wine, and pineapples.

pineapple Wino Drink recipe


Disclaimer: Wine ℅ Spodee

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Mini Mandalas

Mini Yarn  Mandalas

mini yarn mandala

Shades of Cool Mandala

Shades of Cool Mandala

I know it has been a little quite around here lately but I’ve been really busy making mandalas for the shop, redecorating our laundry room (so excited to show you), editing videos, and working on my dissertation (or as I like to call it my personal piece of hell). Just wanted to drop in and give you a peek at some of the mini mandalas for the shop. I’m totally loving these and they are some enough to be display on a desk (yay!).  I can’t wait until the shop launches next week!

P.S… There is still time to enter into the PayPal Cash Giveaway ($1000) and to win one of my mandalas
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What’s A Mandala?

Over the last two months, I’ve been preparing to open my e-shop so of course I’ve been talking about it like crazy. And I noticed a question, almost everyone asks me… “What’s a mandala?” So I thought I would take the time and answer this question on my blog just in case any of you had the same question. So here goes…


The Short Answer…

A mandala is a decorative circle. It can be in the form of a painting/drawing, tile mosaic, or yarn (like the ones I make).


The Long Answer…

The mandala, sometimes referred to as a God’s Eye or Ojo de Dios, is a yarn weaving. In the older days (and I’m talking ancient), it was believed that the mandala held spiritual meaning and was often made at the birth of a child. In other cultures, the mandala was created and given as a gift to bless the home. Fast forward to present times, the mandala is often taught to children during arts & crafts.

yarn mandala


What the mandala mean to me…

Whenever, I see the mandalas in home I smile a little. So for me making mandalas is a way to bring beauty and happiness into the lives of others. I first fell in love with mandalas while watching the movie Wanderlust (funniest movie ever). After seeing it, I had to have one but the ones I saw online were very expensive and not within my budget. So I did what I do best, figured out a way to make my own. I joined a Facebook mandala group, read a couple of books, and before I knew it I was making them for my family, friends, and even a couple of my readers.


Want one ???

Enter to win below.

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Laundry Room Inspiration

The first thing and the last thing we see coming home everyday is our laundry room/mud room. And simply put it kind of sucks. And as much as I would like to blame someone else for this problem… it is kind of my fault. Last year I painted the laundry room and the colors are just so wrong for the space. Our laundry room doesn’t get much natural light so the deep colors just made it look darker. So  guess who gets to paint…again. So naturally, I had to find some laundry room inspiration.

How cute are those coral cabinets? And the washer/dryer is awesome. I wish we had a front load washer/dryer.  They seem so fetch. And speaking of fetch, the accent wall in the room below…OMG! I would love to do something like that but I’m so lazy. lol And the room setup is almost identical to my room. Plus I love the blue tones.

Last but not least, I really really love the soft blue in this laundry room. And I’m so jealous of their window. I want one.

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